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Adventure romances with spiritual resonance. From the work of FFF emerges deep spirituality of his personages and seducing story lines that keep a fine coherence: exotic environments, treasures (material and non-material), adventurers, immortal beings, black magic, inner martial arts, lost cities, a blend of the fantastic with the thrilling. Fiction and historical romances. And if that was not enough, the delight of reading is always accompanying his new and inspiring works. The life of his fantastic personages reveals love and good humor and transport the reader to enchanting worlds... The spiritual journey of the human being is just beginning...

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Gallery of Light

Welcome to a world of light, color, life and inspiration. Embark in this journey that the author creates with the same love that he writes. They are windows to open your perception to beauty and life.

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Here you will find comments and interviews about the FFF's work and his personages.

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