The Brazilian writer, Fernando F. Fasoli, was born in 1962 in Caxias do Sul – RS, Brazil. He is graduated in Geology and Gemology, and teaches Tai-Chi-Chuan and Oriental Arts. Along with these, he does what he is passionated about: writing and painting.

His fascination with the search for spirituality and self-knowledge started when he lived in Lima (Peru), from the age of seven until he was twelve years old. The contact with the peruvian people and the Chinese Neighborhood (largest of the world after San Francisco's Chinatown - USA) drove him to know a chinese sage called Chang Lau, immigrant from Shanghai. These were the foundations for the awakening of his spiritual conscience and the beginning of a search for his true origin. This is the story told at In the Silence of the Heart, already translated to other languages.

Fernando has five other books, which will be available at bookshops and on this website as soon as possible. His most recent paintings are available at the link 'Gallery of Light', real windows for the writer's and his personages's enchanting worlds.

In The Silence of the Heart has been published in 1997 in South Brazil, attaining regional recognition. Between 1997 and 2003 the the 9.800 books of this first edition were sold by Fernando through speeches in several institutions: Self-knowledge Study Groups, Therapist and Phycologists Groups, Spiritist Centers, Umbanda Centers, Freemasonry Centers, Rose-Cross Centers, Art Schools, Asylums, Universities and companies of the private sector.

The writer went through what many writers face at the beginning of their careers, in the impossibility of finding a big editor to work with. In his words:“... It doesn't matter how long it takes, that's what I usually say to many writers who are just starting. Believe in yourself and go until the end of the world to show your work. If you love writing and can tell fantastic stories, when the right time comes, a big editor will turn up in your life. That's what happened to me. After 12 years the right editor came. Until then I haven't given up writing, even though receiving a "no" thousand times. I've always reminded a sentence that kept me going: A determined heart, realizes dreams.”

The first book and the following ones are the result of my willing to make these works get through and reach the readers' hands. That is the only thing a writer expects after his lonely work: being read.
I don't have prejudices with ideas, philosophies, religions, social and racial classes. I used to say that I'm a free spiritualist, a free soul, and I think that is the best way to drink from an inexhaustible fountain: The Universe.

This is the free spirituality that I write about in my books. Adventure, mystery, action, self-knowledge, love and humor are the ingredients that I consider essential for having a life with enthusiasm as well as to make a good history

This is the sense of life. We are all here to be happy and to have conscience of who we are, why we are here and where we are going. But while we don't find all of this, being free. We have to stand always in move, like the Universe. This is what is like to have a free spirit... Many of the characters of the books have this characteristic.

Looking at life without a spiritual sight is like
a book with words without life,
or a picture with colors without brightness

Fernando F. Fasoli