In the Silence of The Heart

The book is a deep spiritual romance. An adventure about the energies of the world and the universe. It starts in Peru at the exotic Chinese Neighborhood, and shows that in this journey towards the inside of the human being "there is a big difference between knowing the way and walking the way".
The author's fascination for his spiritual search and for self-knowledge started when he was seven, living in Lima (Peru). His contact with the peruvian people and wisdom and the Chinese Neighborhood in Lima led him to know a sage called Mr. Chang Lau, an immigrant from Shanghai. These were the groundings for his journey towards spiritual conscience and the real truth, a story that is told in his first romance “No Silêncio do Coração” (In the Silence of the Heart), already translated to English.
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En el Silencio del Corazón es una experiencia
en el vasto y luminoso campo de la espiritualidad;
donde, de início a fin, el hombre es confrontado
a establecer un equilíbrio delicado
entre matéria y espírito.

Las antiguas civilizaciones, la reencarnación,
las vidas pasadas, las artes marciales internas,
el viage astral, la existencia de la consciencia
en diferentes planos, la imortalidad del alma
y del amor, la evolución inexoráble de la vida
que trabaja nuestra limitada personalidad,
donde la própria vida nos enseña que el amor
y el buen humor deben siempre prevalecer.

Pasado y presente vuelven a encontrarse en
una realidad de mundos
que se completam.

Pearls of the Heart

This pocket book has some of the best passages from In the Silence of the Heart. Sentences, little parables and short dialogues from real characters who have actually made this romance possible. Quotes of wisdom, comprehension and happiness about the world we live in. The author works through the quotes, relating the with the inner and outer worlds.
Each of the main parts of "In the Silence of the Heart ",is a pearl which directed the author towards happiness. Pearls of the Heart includes the author's comments on each passage.

The Skull
Coming Soon

Romance based in an true archeological finding in Guatemala, from where the main character, a Geologist, is taken to an adventure in three continents through dreams and an internship in a Mexican copper mine in 1945..
"The Skull - Moon Mountains",the story begins in 475 BC and culminates in 1950 when China invades Tibet. The Geologist is the center of a battle between good and evil, where an archeological artifact has a vital importance for the future of humanity.

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